Living Spaces Landscapes is committed to being up to date with the latest trends, products, materials, and technology in the landscaping industry. We are constantly researching new products, techniques, and suppliers to keep us on the cutting edge of the landscape construction industry. From outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, to the latest in water features and rain harvesting, our company offers the most progressive landscaping options. 


Living Spaces Landscapes strives to create the most visually appealing yards possible. Working with a variety of design styles ranging from classic to contemporary, we are able to personalize yards to our client’s preferences. Browse our gallery to see photos from recently competed projects and find ideas for your own project.

Did you know...?

By planting trees in strategic locations you can reduce your utility costs and your carbon footprint. Trees which shade your home and provide a windbreak can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 30%. Trees also reduce runoff by storing water and provide a buffer from urban noise pollution.